Эрх олгогдсон гэрээ 3.1.6(с)

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Эрх олгогдсон гэрээ 3.1.6(с)

Contract Awarded (CQS)


 Country: Mongolia

 Project Ref: Selection of consulting firm to develop Integrated Water supply management Plan for Altai Uvur Gobi Basin

 Loan No.4888MN

 Contract No. WB/MOF/MINIS/CS/CQS/3.1.6(c)/2015

 Awarded Firm: Joint Venture of Mongolian Association of Hydro geologists (Mongolia) (Lead Consultant) and Usnii Mur NGO (Mongolia)

Address: Suite #716, Kyokushu Tower, 10th khoroolol, 6th khoroo, Bayangol district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Contract signature date: 20 April 2017

 Method of Procurement/Selection: Selection Based on the Consultants Qualification (CQS)

 Price: 367,500,000.00 MNT   

 Duration: 5 months

 Summary scope of contract:

A scope of work covers to ensure the sustainable water resources availability for the population in the Altai Uvur Gobi basin that is endowed with limited surface and groundwater resource while witnessing an increase in active mining operations. This assignment will determine the share of water resources available for mining activities, including the water supply needs for the mining related urban settlements in order to prevent future water shortage due to over abstraction and to protect water-dependent eco-systems in the basin.