Project Steering Committee

Project Steering Committee

The Project Steering Committee (PSC) was established to agree and oversee the use of project funds, the supervision of procurement activities by the PIU. 

The PSC’s chief functions are to:
Provide guidance on the use of MINIS funds and approve procurement plans;
Solicit input and cooperation from relevant ministries and Government agencies to prepare infrastructure projects that have cross-sectoral impacts;
For projects involving private investment, policy guidance to ensure that they are planned, developed and implemented in a comprehensive and coordinated manner.

The head of Financing Development department of Ministry of Finance chairs the PSC, which is comprised of representatives from: 
- Ministry of Finance
- Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry
- Ministry of Energy
- Ministry of Environment and Tourism
- National Development Agency  National Water Committee.
- Also, World Bank representatives can attend as an observer.
- The Project Steering Committee is newly established as the Minister of Finance order № 20 as of 18th of January, 2017. 

Please  view  Resolution# 157 on Renewal  of Members Steering Board  Committee approved  by Minister of Finance  here. ( Only  Mongolian version of this document  is  available)



 State Secretary of  Ministry of Finance, PSC Chairman 

2Head of Department of Finance for Development of Ministry of Finance, PSC member  


 Head of Financial Monitoring and Risk Management Department of Ministry of Finance,  PSC member, 


Head of Financial Division of State Administration Department  of Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry, PSC member, 


 Head of  Law Division of State Administration Department  of Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry, PSC member, 


 Head of Policy and Planning  Department of Ministry of Energy,  PSC member,


Specialist of  Renewable Energy Division of  Policy and  Planning Department of Ministry of  Energy  PSC member,


 Head  of Land Management and  Integrated   Policy and Regulatory of  Water Department of  Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Secretary of National Water Committee,  PSC member, 


 Head of Environmental Assessment and Auditing Division of Ministry of Environment and Tourism,  PSC member, 


 Head of Sectoral   Development  Policy and Regulatory Division of National  Development Department, PSC member,  


  Specialist of Financing Development Department of Ministry of Finance,   PSC member,


  Coordinator of the Mining Infrastructure Investment Support Project, ( Secretary to PSC  and  Non-voting member,