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MInis grievance resolution mechanism

Why MINIS Grievance Resolution Mechanism is crucial?  

MINIS GRM is a complaint resolution mechanism which project affected people and communities may raise their concerns through this mechanism directly with MINIS PMU, when they believe that MINIS - related project activities have caused or will cause them harm. The GRM ensures that complaints are being promptly reviewed and addressed by the responsible units in the MINIS PMU. 

What are the objectives of the Grievance resolution procedure? 

The objective is to make the MINIS PMU more accessible for project affected communities and to help ensure faster and better resolution of project-related complaints. Therefore, to contribute to the accountability of the MINIS project and its sub-components by identifying and recording concerns and grievances of communities and stakeholders affected by MINIS activities, implementing a timely and responsive approach to resolving grievances, demonstrating a transparent monitoring and reporting of issues of concern to affected communities and stakeholders. 

What types of grievances might be lodged? 

Concerns associated with the conduct of activities undertaken as part of MINIS

  • Failure to adhere to policy and regulation: Contractors or MINIS representatives fail to adhere to applicable Mongolian regulations or policies of the World Bank during the conduct of any activity undertaken as part of MINIS;
  • Inadequate disclosure and consultation: Improper coverage or quality of stakeholder engagement practices undertaken by contractors or MINIS representatives;
  • Negligent damage and adverse impacts: to community or private property, unauthorized disturbance of land, impacts on community health, safety or security during the conduct of any activity undertaken as part of MINIS;
  • Concerns about impacts of future developments: involving the feasibility studies and environmental and social impact assessments undertaken by MINIS will be referred to the assessment teams for consideration in public consultations, assessments and mitigation plans;

Concerns unrelated to direct impact of activities conducted under MINIS

  • Any other complaint that is found not to be directly associated with MINIS is recorded and referred back to the complainant for independent resolution with relevant authorities.