Component 3: Strengthening Groundwater Management


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Strengthening groundwater management

What’s the main purpose of implementing Component 3? 

The government had established 29 water basins for the country. The main source of water for the southern region of Mongolia is groundwater, as surface water contribution is very low in that region. Strengthening the Groundwater Management (Component 3), aims to strengthen the capacity of local authorities to manage groundwater resources in the region and the groundwater management in the Southern Gobi of Mongolia. Within the scopes of strengthening the groundwater management the following 3 river basin administrations (RBAs) have been established for the region of Gobi:  Umard Gobiin Guveet-Khalkhiin Dundad Taliin RBA (17), Galba-Uush-Doloodiin Gobiin RBA (18) and Altain Uvur Gobi RBA (20). The River Basin Councils have been established respectively as well. 

Where do the funds for Component 3 come from?

Strengthening the Groundwater Management (Component 3) is financed by the Australian Government’s grant aid and MINIS project which is funded by the World Bank’s concessionary loan. Component 3 had started its implementations in July of 2013.

What will the funds be used for? 

- The funds will be used to execute the following principal tasks:

  • - Reviewing existing laws and regulations, adding amendments if necessary in order to implement the proposed structure;
  • - Preparing a groundwater management plan with an assistance from a qualified consultancy firm; 
  • - Developing a groundwater monitoring plan to regularly measure groundwater levels, groundwater abstractions and groundwater quality; 
  • - Collecting data, including surveys of boreholes, groundwater use, groundwater storage and recharge with current groundwater quality; 
  • - Conducting groundwater explorations and researches; 
  • - Developing a data exchange protocol to allow the use of existing data with various institutions;
  • - Examining and resolving complaints in regards to groundwater usage;
  • - Developing guidelines for the design and construction of wells by cooperatively working with the MEOT’s RBA;
  • - Ensuring future sustainable operations of the RBCs and RBAs.

GROUNDWATER MANAGEMENT INFORMATION UNIT (GWMIU), the main objectives of the unit consist of utilizing and preserving the water resource, improving water safety, ensuring the Gobi population with an adequate drinking water, acceptable by the quality standards, improving the strategic policy to protect the water and ecosystem from industrialization and supporting the maintenance of the ecological balance.

Since the establishment, the GWMIU has been working under the directions of Ministry of Environment and Tourism and MINIS project and in cooperation with the 3 RBA’s by supporting the local authorities, private and public entities in improving the groundwater management, cooperatively working and providing professional and methodological advice, controlling implementations of the procedures for the Law on Water and all relevant water policies and regulations, developing a groundwater sub database and processing accumulated data.