We have recently notified on the opportunity to provide comments on the final draft Terms of Reference (TOR) of Regional Environmental Assessment (REA) for the Shuren Hydropower Plant Project and Orkhon Water Diversion project for 45 days.

In order to absorb the long continuation of Naadam and holiday season, we are extending the feedback period for all stakeholders. The deadline for receiving comments is now August 30, 2018.    

Hard copies of the final draft REA TOR have been distributed to localities in Mongolia and the Russian Federation (see attached list of locations) and soft copies are also available for download on the MINIS website. Please be informed that the link to the relevant documentation which we sent to you in the previous notification to revised draft REA TOR is now changed to due to technical issues.  Therefore,  the related documets have been posted on

Responses to comments received will be developed and published in a table format on the Consultation Overview page of MINIS website by mid-September. In addition to being made publicly available on the website, the responses will be also sent to stakeholders and interested parties via the MINIS emailing list. Interested stakeholders who have not yet registered on the MINIS emailing list can do so here: 

The response matrix aims to demonstrate how the comments were considered in the final revision of the TOR, by incorporation where relevant and feasible, or explanation as to why they were not incorporated. 

Please note that this is the final period for receiving comments on the REA TOR. Upon completion of this revision, the activity will then be in the procurement phase for selection of a consultant to conduct the study. Further opportunities for consultation will be provided on the draft assessment report.

Your proposals and recommendations are valuable for the success of the project.